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Learn about your 2022 taxes, including tax brackets, deduction limits, retirement contribution limits, and more.

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Early Retirement: Should You Take It?

Don’t say yes to an early retirement offer before you consider all pros and cons. Chris Hobart explains the questions you should ask before taking early retirement.

Planning for Taxes Now Can Leave Money in Your Pocket Later

Many Americans only think about their taxes around April 15. But did you know that a year-round tax strategy can potentially reduce your tax bill during your retirement years? All it takes is a little planning. 

What Steps Should You Take When the Market Gets Volatile?

It’s important not to panic when the market gets turbulent. In fact, market volatility is perfectly natural. Chris Hobart explains how to stay focused on the bigger picture during market drops.

Women & Wealth: Ways Women Can Take Charge of the Finances

Studies show that women are more likely than men to live on their own at some point in their lives. That’s why it’s crucial for women to take an active role in their finances. Find out what women need to know about their money – and how they can become more involved in managing it.

Don’t Make These Critical Mistakes That Could Impact Your Retirement

Some of the decisions you make now could negatively impact your financial future and your retirement. Chris Hobart shares the common mistakes he sees investors making and how you can avoid them.

Are You Paying Too Much In Taxes?

For most Americans, taxes are their single biggest expense. And if you don’t plan for them, you might end up paying more than need to. Find out how a proactive tax strategy can potentially keep more money in your pocket. 

Finding a Financial Advisor You Trust

When it comes to choosing a financial professional, it can be difficult to determine who to trust. Chris Hobart shares the questions you should ask when meeting with a financial advisor for the first time, and how you can discover the right advisor for you.