The Ensemble Practice

When you work with us, you get more than just an advisor. You get a financial ensemble.


In the traditional method of financial planning, clients work with one advisor. But at our firm, we employ the team approach. Instead of one advisor, you get a cast of professionals. Just like in a Broadway production, our team works as an ensemble with each member filling a specific role.

Photo of Hobart Wealth Team Meeting


Our unique ensemble approach allows us to provide each client with a higher level of service. When you work with us, you receive personalized attention that is tailored specifically to your needs.

You also get a group of people who are experts in certain topics. Lead advisors specialize in areas such as financial planning, investment management, tax planning, or insurance. They might also specialize in working with a particular client group – such as small business owners or those on the cusp of retirement.


It takes many people in a variety of roles to create a memorable production. At our firm, each member takes on a specific role:

Director: Firm founder Chris Hobart oversees the production, making sure everyone on the team is shining in their role. He divides his time between working with clients, consulting with lead advisors, and setting direction for the team.

Lead Roles: Our lead advisors are always “onstage.” As relationship managers, they work directly with clients, providing individualized investment and financial planning services and making sure each client’s big picture is playing out as planned.

Supporting Roles: Associate advisors spend just as much time offstage as they do on. They are liaisons between lead advisors and the Client Service team, keeping everyone on the same page and ensure the planning process is always moving forward.

Behind the Scenes: The most vital part of any show is the crew backstage. Our Centralized Client Service & Operations team handles most of the day-to-day tasks related to account management, appointment scheduling, and data gathering.

Team Hobart