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We believe education is the key for making smart financial decisions. That’s why we offer a series of seminars and events throughout the year, designed to give you the financial information you need.
Our events feature knowledgeable speakers who cover a variety of financial topics. Whether you’re an experienced investor or just getting started, we’re sure you’ll leave every event feeling a bit more confident in your financial management know-how.

We frequently offer in-person and virtual seminars on the following topics:

General Tax Strategies

Tax laws are always changing – and when they do, it can be difficult to keep up which laws apply to you. During our tax seminars, we’ll discuss what you may need to know about taxes and how they could impact your portfolio.

Taxes in Retirement

Taxes take a big chunk out of many retirees’ income. Fortunately, there are some strategies you can apply to potentially reduce your taxes in retirement. In this event, we’ll take a look at those strategies and how you may be able to apply them to your specific situation.

The Informed Investor

Many investors are taking too much risk with their assets – but they may not even know it. In this seminar, we take a look at methods for investing for potential growth while reducing risk and protecting against a future market downturn.

Social Security

When is the right time to start taking Social Security benefits? What is the current state of the Social Security program? How can you maximize your benefits? We’ll answer these questions and more during our Social Security classes.

Retirement Income

Most Americans rely on multiple sources of income to get through their retirement years. The big question for many retirees is where the money will come from – and if they’ll have enough to last. In this seminar, we’ll explore strategies you may be able to use to maximize your retirement income, both during your work years and after you retire.

Estate Planning

While many people think estate planning is just for the super-wealthy, all of us need to think about how we want our assets distributed when we’re gone. In this seminar, we’ll talk about the basics of an estate plan and walk you through the steps of putting one together.

Women and Wealth

Women face unique challenges when it comes to financial planning. During this seminar, we’ll cover all the financial things women need to consider as they head into retirement.

State of the Market

During our annual State of the Market event, we review how the events of the previous year impacted your portfolio. Then we provide our insights about factors are currently driving the market and take a look at potential events that could affect your investments in the coming months.

You'll retire. Your taxes won't.

- Hobart Wealth

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