6 Questions to Ask Yourself About Retirement

Have you ever stopped to think about what you really want your retirement to look like? Living out a great retirement starts with a vision – a plan that acts as a flexible guide as you made decisions for your retirement. 

Below are six questions you should ask yourself about retirement. If you’re married, these questions can spur important conversations as you make decisions together about your golden years. 

Where do I want to spend retirement?

Do you plan to stay in your current place or move? Some people want to retire to the mountains, while others picture themselves on a beach. (Or splitting time between the two!) Your ideal retirement spot can factor into your retirement plan and how much income you’ll need. 

Do I want to work?

Some people see retirement as quitting work entirely, while others merely shift to a different kind of work. You have a variety of options, including cutting back on hours or taking a different role. You might even consider your new “work” as volunteering in your community or helping care for grandkids. 

Are there places I want to travel? 

If you have a bucket list of places to see, identify the places you’d want to visit first. Consider how you’ll travel, lodging, and what you’ll do while you’re there. Part of the fun in an adventure is the planning! 

Will my home responsibilities change?

If you’re married and one spouse retires, will the retired spouse take on new or different responsibilities around the house? If you’re planning on moving in with children, discuss division of labor to eliminate surprises before you move in.

What activities do I want to pursue? 

Will you devote more time to old hobbies or take up new ones? Hobbies can keep you active and engaged, especially if they include your friends or a spouse. 

How will I help extended family?

Many retirees use their resources to care for kids, grandkids or elderly parents. Setting guidelines can help you determine how much – and what kind – of care you will give. 

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